>A few Sneaky happy snaps….

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>Camera is on charge at the moment and as its the first charge I should do it properly 🙂 I did take some average photos with the HTC that are in this post.

So Geri and I set out for the Austrian valley known as Oetztal (Also a major team sponsor). This is my first trip down to this breath taking area and I know it sounds cheesy, but the mountains here are impossible to describe. The shear size and enormity hit me as soon as we emerged from the tunnel into Austria from Germany. My jaw was regularly dropping onto the dash as the mountains kept getting bigger and bigger until we reached Oetztal.

The Photo above was taken on the drive through Austria. I tried to get other photos, but they were hopeless…I wish that I was a good photographer so the description matches the photos.

 This was the view from the team camp at the race site. At the mouth of the Oetztal valley, the mountains were reaching through the clouds and into the sky.

So enough about how amazing the Austrian countryside is….There is a race Sunday and today was the first look at the course. When we pulled up there wasn’t much going on and I helped Geri set up the tents, then went out to cut a few sneaky laps of the course. In the pre roll I saw a section that looked like the end of a DH shoot and Geri told me that they might be having a downhill race here also.

I took off on the new SIX LTD hard tail and followed the ELITE arrows…I had to duck under bunting to find the track as the juniors were practising. The moment I dropped into the elite lap, I was over the back of the bike and letting the new rig do its thing 🙂 I made it down the first tech section then saw Charlie doing a bit of filming for the local news. He had build the previous section and wanted feedback (I told him it was easy ;-)).

The track was super  fun and had a lot of roots and rocks to keep you on your toes. Fingers are defiantly crossed that the track is dry on Sunday. Then to finish off the lap, with no real warning I hit the last shoot which I thought was for a DH track!…. I found myself holding onto the bike for dear life and praying that the new XTR brakes are all that they claim to be. Luckily they were and I was super surprised not to have face-planted into the road. All was going well, the course is in premium condition and hopefully the legs will be fast for the weekend.

There is no hiding for me this weekend as it is a CAT1 race with only the Elite category apparently. I’m feeling OK and with a bit of a European routine getting established I hope the form will re-appear.

Might sneak some shots in tomorrow if the weather is good… 🙂 :-). Hope that all is good back in the homeland?!?!?!?!

Happy to have internet at the accommodation this time 😉


>Austria here I come :-)

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>So I started packing 30min ago and I leave in 10…….pretty standard.

actually I leave now….bye

>Just bopping around the Black forest

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Today’s road ride. Not in Photo is the 10% section for the next 4km! Photo is pre me being in the hurt box 😉

>Geri’s little touches.

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I forgot to take a photo of another little trick thing Geri has on the bike. But it will come soon.

>Very fast Felt SIX LTD

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New bike always helps to get some motivation in the legs…. This bike is seriously fast…Weighing in at just a frad over 9kg so pretty much 1 tenth of the riders weight 😉

>Cruzing in the black forest….

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